Doing our bit

We would like to thank Marie-Louise Hull and East Yorkshire Mind for popping in and meeting us. We also was able to present a cheque for £70.00 for a bit of fundraising we did late last year

We decided to raise a little bit of money and by a chance conversation from a academy parent to Young Leader Faith who mentioned about the help they received from Mind and that the work they do, so we thought it was a good cause to help with

After chatting to Marie-Louise it’s clear to see that they are under funded in the town and that our donation will go towards helping someone in the town by offering the chance to be able get them to speak and to listen to them and letting them know that there is somebody their, rather than thinking they are by themselves

It was an inspirational meeting and very humbling at the same time as Mental Health effects 1 in 4 people and it doesn’t prejudice anyone whether your rich, poor, healthy, young or old as at some point it will effect someone you know and love, so please do get them to speak to the team in Grimsby

Their contact details are 01472 349991 and are located at Kent Street in Grimsby

For more information about MIND please visit www.heymind.org.uk