Gymnasts Code of Conduct


  1. All gymnasts must adopt and adhere to our CORE values at each session.
  2. Appropriate clothing must be worn to each session. This includes T-shirts, shorts, leggings or leotards. No shoes or socks should be worn or any hoodies with zippers or any other form of catch
  3. Jewellery must be removed prior to each session. This includes earrings, rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets. The Academy cannot be liable for jewellery brought to any session
  4. Long hair must always be tied back
  5. Gymnasts must listen to all coaching staff and follow any instructions given to them
  6. Gymnasts are not to use any equipment at any time prior to, during or after a session without consent from a member of staff
  7. Gymnasts must inform coaches of any injuries or illnesses prior to the start of their session
  8. Gymnasts must be courteous and respectful to all other gymnasts and coaches at all times. Bullying will not be tolerated
  9. Inappropriate and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated prior to, during or after any session
  10. Gymnasts must wait inside the session until a parent or guardian arrives to collect them unless prior agreement has been made with the Academy for children aged eleven and above
  11. Gymnasts must refrain from eating and drinking in sessions other than during designated refreshment breaks
  12. Gymnasts must not chew gum during the session
  13. Gymnasts must not smoke, consume alcohol or take illegal drugs
  14. Gymnasts should never use explicit or abusive language
  15. Gymnasts must always bring a drink to each session to avoid dehydration




  1. Parents/Guardians should help and encourage your child/children to adopt the CORE values of the Academy
  2. Must comply with the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policies
  3. Should encourage your child/children to learn and follow the Academy rules
  4. Discourage challenging and arguing with coaches or judges
  5. Parents/Guardians should help recognise good performance and applauding good performances from all
  6. Should never display threatening or intimidating behaviour towards anyone including other gymnasts, staff, volunteers, and parents or visiting persons
  7. Parents/Guardians should always encourage but never force a child to participate
  8. Must not bring your child/children into the session until a coach instructs you to do so. You should also await instruction to enter at the end of sessions again from a coach
  9. Parents must ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and all outside footwear and clothing is left in the designated changing areas. No valuables to be left in the changing areas. The Academy cannot be responsible should any losses occur as these areas are open to other users within the building
  10. Must not take any photographs or videos of their child or any other gymnast or coach whilst they are in session
  11. Must not upload photos or videos of any other gymnasts on any social media network site
  12. Parents/Guardians must not distract their child from training by calling their name as this is a health and safety risk
  13. Parents/Guardians should ensure your child/children has visited the toilet before the session starts to avoid wasting time and ensure that they benefit from the full session
  14. Always ensure your child is promptly dropped off and collected from each session by a responsible adult unless agreed by an approved consent form for children aged eleven and above
  15. Never punish or belittle a gymnast for their performance or making mistakes. Bullying will not be tolerated
  16. Please ensure that if you are going to be late collecting your child from a session you inform a staff member. If your child/children are not able to attend a session please call 01472 750012 as soon as you are aware
  17. If you have any concerns or complaints please see one of the coaches before or after your child’s session. You can also contact the Academy on the number above or via our website or Facebook page and a member of staff will reply as soon as possible.
  18. Parents/Guardians are to ensure that fees are paid on the first day of each month in advance in order to secure the gymnast’s place, either by standing order or by cash
  19. Parking policies must be adhered to at all times as instructed in the members’ handbook. This is for the health and safety of all venue users
  20. If your child would like to leave the academy please inform a member of the team. A months notice is required and you must ensure that you cancel your standing order as we do not offer refunds.



I confirm my child is physically fit and healthy and I will advise you of any changes. I consider them capable of taking part in gymnastics. I have completed the section on medical details and give consent that in the unlikely event of any illness/accident any necessary treatment can be administered.

In signing this agreement I declare that I am aware of the risk element involved and while I accept that the coaches and facility personnel will take precautions to prevent accidents, I understand that they may not be held responsible for loss damage or injury to my child.



I am aware that photographs may be taken during the event for coaching and promotion purposes.

I  consent for pictures of my child to be used for these purposes. I understand that no personal information will be displayed with the image.


I give permission to a designated adult to provide and arrange for medical care for my child in the event of an emergency and they are not accompanied by either a parent or legal guardian and it may not be feasible or practical to contact them in the event of an emergency. I confirm the information I have provided is true to my knowledge and shall inform you of any changes.