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Taking part in gymnastics provides many opportunities to further your health and character. Gymnastics improves your strength, flexibility, co-ordination and movement, it helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, it provides participants to socialise with others and make new friends, it improves mental skills such as concentration and problem solving, it allows participants to experience a fun and engaging activity in a safe environment and improves confidence within yourself and other people around you.

At Grimsby Twist & Flip Gymnastics Academy, we are very proud that we always strive to offer the best service possible to our gymnasts and their families. Within our Gymnastics Centre we have equipment from Gymnova, who are the official suppliers for British Gymnastics and provide equipment for all the major events throughout the country. All our coaches are either qualified or working towards qualifications with British Gymnastics.

We also have designed our own bespoke Excellence Programme that we are using to develop our academy gymnasts, this programme starts with a strong emphasis on floor with shapes and basic movements, then progresses through to using apparatus and then progresses further to the separate apparatus for women’s artistic and men’s artistic gymnastics.

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